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technology-just-keeps-advancingJust like all things techno it seems that as soon as you have bought it it becomes obsolete! How often do you change your phone, TV, laptop or tablet? how many DVD’s and Blueray’s are in your collection which has cost you a fortune? You can now view them on demand via STAN, NETFLIX and a whole lot more for next to nothing. Your website is the same if you don’t keep up you will be left behind…

The technology to create your website gets better every day, the browsers we view them on get more functions, security enhancements and additions also daily. – Which is why you MUST update your browsers regularly.

You need to keep up with the technology of the day AND you must meet the needs of your clients expectations as trends and technology changes.

Some simple ways to do this revolve around how you present your information.

Take TotalManager’s site for example; on the homepage I have a video. Why? Because people will watch a video before reading text AND remember more from watching than reading. – can you add a video to your website?

Make sure your social media has the same message as your website. Remember the hardest thing to do is get people to your site. In the majority of cases your social media should be pointing your viewers to your website not the other way round! – Are your social media posts relating to what your website is saying?

Reviews of your products or services need to be encouraged and used on your website as testimonials. The likes of Google reviews and WOMO will make a difference to your success online. – Have you got any reviews and are they GOOD reviews?

Entries in Business directories such as Hotfrog can drive qualified visitors to your website for free. Check them out and see for yourself by creating a free account.

TotalManager have teamed up with a couple of businesses that are amoungst the best available in there profession, however charge a price we small businesses can afford.

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