Some often asked questions about websites.

“I don’t need a Web site.”  “You’re missing a chance to be open 24/7. Why would you not do that?”

 “I can’t afford a website.” With the rental option the smallest single person cottage industry can afford to exploit the web to increase sales and promote the business. Remember we aim to put you in control of your own web site!

“I won’t be able to afford changes to my site” Not a problem. We supply you with a simple site editor (Works, looks and feels just like Microsoft Word!). With this you can change your own website content to reflect what you want to portray to your customers.

“The Yellow Pages is all I need.” According to Kitch, more than three quarters of a business’ potential new customers are using online search and directories instead of turning to the phone book. Studies by firms like the Kelsey Group repeatedly show that the physical Yellow Pages are being tossed aside as technology takes the helm.I know my yellow pages id a fraction of the size it was just a couple of years ago!

“My business is local.” You have the opportunity to extend your reach to millions of potential customers–why think small? No matter what their industry or location, there is no way an online presence can hurt, and there is no reason that they can’t keep the same personal touch for which small to medium businesses are preferred by many.

“Being small is a huge disadvantage.” As mentioned above, plenty of consumers favor small businesses. According to Kitch, “By nature, customers would rather deal with a small business.” He advises business owners to embrace their company’s size and use the opportunity to tell their story.

“Nobody can actually tell me HOW a website is going to help my business.”

Using the web correctly to promote your business will offer rewards that far out reach the initial cost of doing it right the first time. As an example your business can:-

1. Engage potential customers by becoming ‘visible’ over a wider area.
2. Contact large numbers of clients quickly and with a sales message that will ensure increased turnover.
3. Educate your potential market in your service or product
4. Have relevant information available to your customers 24/7 and cut down the time spent on the phone, computer and printer sending out information via the mail system.
5. Gather feedback about your product or service 24/7 and present the results in a simple to understand way.
6. Use the web services to monitor your penetration and success for specified marketing activities.
7. Sell, Sell, Sell 24/7 With e-commerce you can be selling your products and services every day of the week without lifting a finger! Just bank the profits….
8. No matter what size your business is, the correct use of the web can project any image you would like your clients to see.